Useful properties of linen fabric.

Despite the variety of modern synthetic fabrics, linen does not lose its position in the rating of consumer preferences. This is not surprising, since linen fabric has a number of undeniable advantages, even when compared with other natural fabrics - cotton or wool. Linen effectively removes excess heat and moisture, so linen clothes are simply irreplaceable on hot summer days. There is evidence that the temperature in the air gap between clothing and the body is 3-4 degrees lower than in the environment. It feels like a cool fabric, so on summer nights it is very comfortable to sleep on linen bedding. Even in cases of an increase in body temperature due to illness or sunburn, linen sheets bring long-awaited relief to patients.
Linen is the strongest and most durable natural fabric. For example, home textiles made from flax can last 20 or more years without compromising quality and appearance. This fact also proves that scientists find Egyptian mummies wrapped in fairly well-preserved linen bandages.
Linen fabrics are highly hygroscopic, that is, the ability to absorb and release moisture, while they look almost dry. Linen suits and dresses do not "stick" to the body in hot weather. Linen is a natural antiseptic. Linen fabric has health benefits and is hypoallergenic. Flax prevents bacteria growth and unpleasant odors.
For people suffering from any kind of skin disease, linen clothing or bedding will be the best choice. Wearing linen clothing can significantly improve the condition, as evidenced by scientific research. The fact is that the flax plant contains natural phenols that remain in the tissue and have a beneficial effect on the skin.
Linen protects against ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation, which is why linen curtains are common in eco-styled homes.
Linen does not accumulate static electricity.
Linen is a very practical fabric that is easy to clean and becomes softer and more pleasant to the touch with each wash. Fabrics tolerate washing in hot water and ironing well, and have a stable color.
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